The Bio:
Charlotte Griffiths, born May 1998, was first published in the 2015 Circus of Indie Artist's: Lion Tamer Edition, in which all proceeds went directly toward Autism Speaks, and has since been providing her services both independently and online at
MyTrendingStories.com and Channillo.com. She prides herself on humble intentions and has finally released her first chapbook dim lights, dim reality in the midst of her freelance studies.
The Website:
Thanks to Mozello..com, Charlotte has finally been able to create a website, complete with an online marketplace, for her writing, while still saving her pennies to focus on her work. She has an incredible amount of appreciation for the handle for enabling such unique design, detail  and construction of the website and, though there will be small limitations listed in-store, she feels the company has offered the perfect starting point for someone like her. The images, text and design used has been as personalised as possible, with no photos without rights and, for this reason, Charlotte Griffiths reverses all rights to the text and works displayed on this website.
The Actual Stuff:
Charlotte Griffiths currently resides in Brisbane, Australia, however was born in Cairns and grew up in Tasmania and Blackwater. She has read at a number of funerals in Tasmania and, since doing so, has seen her writing mature and her style define. She has a very bleak outlook of life at times but her bipolar disorder allows her to grasp at a number of different opinions and perspectives; she sometimes believes her mania is the death of her writing.  
For this reason and many reasons, Charlotte's writing aims to give a voice to those struggling both mentally and emotionally, while also expressing the societal and environmental factors that come into play with any individual. Her work has been said to possess great rhythm, a smart use of spacing and wording with a vein of sadness, but Charlotte still sees it as an outlet above all and encourages anyone avoiding their hobby to "just commit to it if it's going to make this life any less shit."
Charlotte writes, almost exclusively, on an Underwood 310.

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