Charlotte E.E. Griffiths, born Cairns, Australia in 1998, was first published in the poetry section of the 2015 Circus of Indie Artists Lion Tamer Edition while residing in Brisbane. This marked the very beginnings of her poetry career, and she has since been working avidly online with associated websites and independently through Instagram handle @c.g.poetry and other freelance opportunities. She has read at numerous funerals in her hometown of Hobart, Tasmania and, since doing so, has seen her writing mature and style define. She writes almost exclusively on a portable Underwood 310 and has released two self-published chapbooks [dim lights, dim reality: the chapbook, 2019; and bathroom sink (and all the many faucets) the chapbook, 2019] with the help of her typer's unique style and her own creative practice. These chapbooks also reached international sale and encouraged her feature online and in print. She is currently working avidly online as a reviewer on goodreads.com and toward future articles, publications, poems and stories. 

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